Dealing with Breakouts

Breakouts are amongst one of the crappiest things you will have to experience when it comes to cosmetics. That is unless you’re a skin goddess that never gets spots (if this is you, I envy you!)

I’m going to share a few tips I’ve picked up over the years when it comes to dealing with spots.

Drink lots of water

This is perhaps the most annoying thing my mum used to say to me but she wasn’t wrong. I find when I drink more water than usual, my whole body just feels better and my skin really does respond well.

Try to avoid certain foods

This can be quite extreme and I really don’t recommend it to everyone but if you do notice that your skin is particularly bad, I would recommend trying a dairy-free diet. I did this a couple of years ago to see if it made a difference and I really do think I did. I don’t ever not have something because it’s got dairy in it but I don’t drink cow’s milk much anymore. I suppose I don’t really mean ‘dairy-free’ maybe just cut back on milk and I find I actually enjoy almond milk more anyway. There are also certain studies that suggest the hormones in cow’s milk aren’t good for you anyway so maybe trial it for a month and see how you find it.

Binging on loads of sugar is also not too good for your skin, well, your whole body probably isn’t going to like it too much either! Haha. Again, I definitely do not mean CUT OUT ALL SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET but loads of sweets and chocolate all at once is probably going to result in a few yellow buggers appearing on your chin. The same goes for

The same goes for salt too, whilst it will also make your face ‘puffy’, too much salt will also cause your skin to hate you. Trust me, talking all from experience here!

Cleanse your skin

This might seem obvious but it’s probably the most important tip I could give you. Makeup wipes or Micellar water are great for removing the makeup you can see on your face but it will never properly ‘cleanse’ your skin. Cleansers really don’t have to be expensive and there are so many different types on the market depending on your preference or skin type. My favourites are balm cleansers, like the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (here) or the Emma Hardy Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing balm (here). I’ve also tried a sample of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Cleansing Oil (here) which is a much thinner oil. You can also find foaming cleansers (Hannah likes the L’Occitane one – now discontinued, sorry!) or gel cleansers (see my review of the Garnier Gel Micellar Cleanser here). It’s totally up to your personal preference but for the LOVE OF GOD, please cleanse your skin!

I also like to cleanse my skin in the morning too so that I’m starting the day with a clean face, whether I’m wearing makeup or not. I like to use the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 (here) in the shower in the morning.

Exfoliate regularly

Over-exfoliating can destroy your skin so only ever do it once or twice a week but it really can make a whole world of difference. I can tell when my skins getting a bit ‘clogged’ from all the product I put on it so a couple of times a week, I like to really clean it out and start again. I use the Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub (here) and I love it because it’s really gritty so feels like it’s actually doing something. I focus most of my exfoliation around my nose, along my jaw, on my chin and on my forehead because this is where my pores are most visible or I find I get the most blackheads.

Spot Treatments

When you do get that nasty one under the skin or the volcano appear on your forehead, you want something that’s going to dry it out and clear it up. I recommend the Mario Badescu Drying Solution (here), some form of tea tree spot treatment (I like the BodyShop one – here), or the Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment (here) but they all do different things. I find the Drying Solution works best on fresh yellow-heads / pimples. It draws out all the moisture and reduces the spot in size. The Origins one is good for if you’ve broken the skin (which I don’t really recommend but we all know it happens!) I

I find the Drying Solution works best on fresh yellow-heads / pimples. It draws out all the moisture and reduces the spot in size. The Origins one is good for if you’ve broken the skin (which I don’t really recommend but we all know it happens!) I find it creates a protective layer whilst healing it underneath. And then the tea tree spot treatment is good to dry anything out, I prefer to use it once I know there’s nothing left to dry out. I also like this to apply during the day because it doesn’t leave a residue or colour behind once it’s dried like the other two do.

Sudocreme or Germolene

Really massive wasser? Lather it in a massive blob of Sudocreme or Germolene, whack a plaster on it and go to bed. There’s nothing worse than carrying around a volcano on your the side of your face and it’s even worse when it hurts to even move your face so this is my biggest tip when that happens. I tell everyone I know to do this and putting the plaster on means that you’re not going to wipe it off during the night. I mean, you could put a plaster on your face during the day but…. well… each to their own. Sudocreme will, again dry out the spot and draw out all the gunk whilst Germolene will act as an antiseptic to make sure you don’t get any nasties in it.

Pore strips

I find that depending on which ones you buy, pore strips can be really hit and miss, however, I do think they are necessary every now and then. Really blocked pores on your nose will create blackheads or even yellow heads so it’s best to keep them clear; especially if you use a pore-filling or pore minimising primer.

Keep your skin balanced

And by this, I mean your skin type. Having dry skin is a whole different ball game to having dehydrated skin so make sure you’re giving your skin what it needs. Surprisingly enough, oily skin will often respond will to facial oils so don’t rule them out. Keeping your skin well moisturised is a really important step in your skincare routine. Moisturisers don’t need to be expensive either, there are some good options at the drugstore (check out my post on drugstore moisturisers here)

Face Masks

Like exfoliating, this is only necessary a couple of times a week and I like to alternate the mask I use depending on how my skins feeling. The L’Oreal Clay Masks are great (see our review of them here) but I also like to use sheet masks for hydration and pore-cleansing masks to pull out any impurities.

Just leave it

I’m definitely one for squeezing for the sake of squeezing but I had definitely noticed that leaving a spot alone is the best thing for it. I realise that leaving a huge white pimple on your nose isn’t too practical so obviously, exceptions can be made, but I do think that leaving it to do it’s own thing will help it to scab over and disappear much much quicker. Combining this step with Sudocreme or Germolene is very effective.

So there we have it, my top tips to dealing with spots. The little buggers.

If you enjoyed this post, please let us know and if you have any other tips, leave them in the comments, I’d love to learn from you too.


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