Gymshark Elite Sports Bra Review

Gymshark Elite Sports Bra Review

Happy Wednesday!

We’ve found recently that we have been living in gym kit and not really touching our wardrobes full of normal clothes and, with all the new launches on Gymshark, thought we’d share with you a review of one of our newer acquisitions.

As a side note, I wouldn’t be surprised if these kinds of posts became a regular thing over the next six months; we’re currently obsessed with new gym wear. Besides, it’s also super comfy so we tend to wear it even on lazy days (oops!)

We’ll run you through our pros and cons of the Elite Sports Bra (click here to shop), and they retail for £28, we hope you enjoy!



The bra comes in black, chalk pink, indigo, pastel lilac, slate grey and white. We love the variety they offer and it means that you can either be matching with your leggings and sports bra, or co-ordinating.

Photos from the Gymshark Website

The colours match with the Dreamy leggings (which come in full length and cropped), and the new Fusion 2 and some of the Simply Mesh colours that they released at the same time. This means you can have a different style, length or colour of leggings to partner with each bra and we LOVE this.

What I also like about the colouring of the garments on Gymshark is that they name the colours consistently so crossing over styles isn’t risky when you want the colours to match.

Fit & Sizing

We would say these do fit on the bigger side. We both would usually wear a small in a sports bra but these are quite roomy. To stay securely in the bra, we would recommend potentially sizing down if you are in between, or on the smaller side of a size.

The straps over the shoulders are adjustable which is super handy as it makes sure that they fit as many body types as possible.

The style is really flattering and gives you a small amount of cleavage which we personally love considering most sports bras smoosh your boobs into your armpits.

We personally believe that this bra would suit women of all boob sizes but the suitability of it for certain workouts for ladies with bigger boobies would perhaps find it a little ‘freeing’ (more on this later).

The back is a really lovely shape and really comfortable. It also looks nice underneath a low-back top. As we opted for smalls, the back-fat problem is virtually non-existent and makes it really flattering.

Shown in Black

Shown in Indigo

Fabric & Quality

When we ordered these sports bras, we half expected them to come in the same fabric as the Dreamy leggings however it’s much more similar to the Sleek Aspire leggings. Instead of being a silky fabric, they are more of a ‘brushed cotton’ feel.

We think this is potentially better because it means it’s more secure and less ‘nippy’ which is exactly what you want in a sports bra.

Having said that, the difference in material between the Dreamy Leggings and the Elite Sports Bra means there is a minor difference in colour. We’ve found the difference is most obvious between the black set. However, because the bra matches with lots of different styles of leggings, it wouldn’t be an issue with other styles and materials.

Activity Suitability

Because this sports bra is more low-cut than most of the others that Gymshark stock, it’s not as suitable for cardio as you tend to pop out the top of it. This may be because we opted for smalls instead of extra smalls but due to the cut of the neckline, I would expect this would be the case with most people who have a little bit of boobie to show off.

We both fit between a D-DD cup and wouldn’t necessarily chose this bra for cardio or circuits and the such like as we fear we would reveal all to everyone in the gym! Things like mountain-climbers or bunny hops would perhaps be unwise…


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