The Gin Collection

The Gin Collection

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This week I thought I’d share with you the gins that we regularly drink, what we drink them with, and which ones are our favourites.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favourites and whether you have any good cocktail recipes you’d like to share!


Gin Prep

My favourite way to drink gin is out of a balloon gin glass. This is because you basically have to get your whole face in the glass as you drink and so you smell everything as well as tasting it.  A whole ‘gin experience’ if you will.

I always serve on ice and with the appropriate garnish. I also always like to serve with chilled tonic, everything just seems to taste better this way.

The Tonic

I always drink Fever Tree tonic in my G&T. I love the different range they offer and how switching up the tonic can completely change the drink.

We tend to buy a crate of tonic every couple of weeks and like to change up the variation. Among my favourites are the Mediterranean, the Aromatic, and the Elderflower.

Depending on which gin we are drinking will depend on which tonic we try. A more neutral gin goes well with a tonic with some more flavour, whereas a spiced or elderflower gin, for example, couples better with the classic tonic or the Mediterranean.

During the Christmas period, I often switch out tonic for ginger ale or something a little more festive and I’ve found it pairs really well with sloe gin.

Click here if you want to read more about the entire Fever Tree product line.


The Garnish

Whilst a classic Gin and Tonic usually comes with a slice of lemon, different gins are well-complimented by other garnishes. When I’m at home, we experiment with loads of different garnishes and tonics to find which ones match the best. It’s definitely personal preference so it’s worth trying out a few variations.

Different garnish options include:
Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Ginger, Mint, Juniper Berries, and many more.

See the table below (sourced here) for some more info on which tonics match which gin and garnishes.

The Collection

Bombay Sapphire

A London Dry Gin (40% vol) distilled in Whitchurch, which is between Basingstoke and Andover. I’ve been on a distillery tour here and, as a gin lover, is definitely something I would recommend. Read more about the Distillery Tour here.

Bombay Sapphire couples well with most citrus fruits but my favourite would be lime. I also enjoy Bombay with a Mediterranean tonic as both the tonic and the gin have a botanical taste.


The smoothness of Hendrick’s (41.4% vol.) makes it my favourite so far. The infusion of cucumber and rose petals mean that cucumber works well as a garnish and is the most common you will find with Hendrick’s.

My favourite tonic to pair with Hendrick’s is the classic tonic as it allows the gin to speak for itself.


Opihr (42.5% vol.) is a more interesting gin. It has an oriental spiced flavour that comes from the infusion of cubebs, black pepper and coriander.

The aromatic tonic from Fever Tree is my favourite to pair with this gin as the two spicier flavours complement each other well.


Copper House

Copper House (40% vol.) is a gin with juniper, citrus and floral notes and I like to pair it with the Elderflower Fever Tree tonic and a slice of lemon.

It’s a very easy gin to drink and is distilled in small batches in East Anglia.


Gordon’s Pink Gin

Gordon’s Pink (37.5%) is much sweeter than your average gin. It has a sweetness from raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant and therefore requires a more neutral tonic to drink with it. The classic or slimline Fever Tree tonics work nicely with it and I think a few raspberries would be the perfect garnish.

Tanqueray No. TEN

Tanquerary No. Ten (47.3%) is a fresh gin with citrus and botanical notes that allow for a more exciting tonic. I like to pair this with the Mediterranean or the Elderflower Fever Tree tonic and garnish with a slice of lemon or lime.

They also say that Tanqueray No. Ten is a good base for gin cocktails.


Gin Wish List

There are hundreds upon thousands of gins on the market now and with it being the most widely enjoyed alcoholic drink across Britain, there are new ones entering the market all the time. Here are a few that I cannot wait to try:

Bloom London Dry


Sipsmith London Dry


Star of Bombay


Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle




So, there we are. A post that’s of a different nature to usual. I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your favourite gins.

Lots of love, A x

All opinions are my own and there are no affiliate links. A x

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