Diet for a Day #1

Diet for a Day #1

Happy hump day!

As we have been getting a more into the gym and stuff, we have found we have been wearing less makeup and less real clothes and so have found very little to write about in the way of fashion and beauty at the moment.

That said, reviewing gym wear, talking about our diets and sharing ways in which we’ve increased our fitness are what’s currently on the cards for us at the moment and so thought we’d share it with you.

This is what I would typically eat in a day, obviously changing dinner!


I usually wake up around 8 at the moment because my university timetable is very sparse and so I’m totally making the most of it. This means I have breakfast around 8.30am.

I usually start with Weetabix because I think it’s good to start the day with some fibre. Today, for the sake of making the photograph look a little more interesting, I added half a banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon to it and I will definitely be doing that again. Because the banana is sweet, it meant I put much less sugar on my Weetabix which made the breakfast much healthier.

I think this is a really good breakfast for slow release energy and keeping me feeling fuller for longer. As we’ve been increasing our exercise drastically over the past 5 months, I’ve found this to be something I’ve really noticed to be important.

I tend to have a milky coffee and a bottle of water too.



I would actually usually have a snack at around 11am on a typical day, however, today I seemed to forget I was hungry and so ate lunch a little earlier than normal.

Since noticing the Warburton’s sandwich thins again during our weekly shop, I have rekindled my love for sandwiches. I tend to switch up what goes into it but it tends to follow the same premise.

Today I sliced up a chicken breast, fried a slice of bacon and then added guacamole and light mayonnaise. Other days, I will mix a tin of tuna with salad cream or mayonnaise and add sliced cucumber.

Depending on how hungry I am, I have between 1 and 2 sandwiches because I find them much less filling when I have the Warburton’s thins instead of bread.

I usually pair my sandwiches with some form of fruit and then a yoghurt. My favourites at the moment are the Yeo Valley Organic Bio Light ones with Peach.

Afternoon Snack

I tend to have the other half of the banana that I started that morning with my breakfast and then pair it with a snack bar of some form.

At the moment, I’m really loving the Nutella B-Ready bars, they’re slightly naughty but I just cannot resist them.



One of our favourite dinners at the

moment is vegetable risotto.  A few months ago, we loaded our risotto with chicken, pancetta and sausage meat, however, it took a long time to cook and we are often in the gym in the evening so when we get back, we just want to eat.

Also, by taking the meat out of the dinner, it makes the meal a little less expensive and so, on student budgets, it means we can spend more of our money on new activewear (hehe).

I like to pack as many veggies in as I can so I include onion, carrot, pepper, asparagus, peas and mangetout.

I usually fry off the asparagus first and then add it back in at the end because it’s got quite a meaty texture and so adds a bit more to an otherwise quite a neutral-textured meal.


So there we have it, what I would usually eat in a day. I hope you enjoyed this kind of post and it gave you some ideas as to what you could add into your diet.

Lots of love, A x


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