Best Black Friday Buys

Best Black Friday Buys

Happy Wednesday!

As Back Friday and cyber Monday draw to a close, we thought we’d share with you our favourite purchases over the past week. We’d also love to hear what your best purchases were too!

Gymshark Leggings

We have to admit we went slightly crazy with Gymshark. We were on the site as the Black event went live at 3pm and had both made orders within about 6 minutes. I think we both had the mindset of ‘order what we can, try it on, and send some back’. It’s safe to say we are hardly sending anything back.

Whilst we both have very different wants from our gym wear, we have both set our hearts on the same fit of leggings to be our favourite. The style we’re talking about are the ‘dreamy’ ones. They really are dreamy. They fit so well, they’re totally opaque (vital when you’re squatting!), and really soft. They’re a silkier material and doesn’t get sticky when you get a bit sweatier which is really nice. I bought them in Indigo and Hannah bought them in Black; would DEFINITELY recommend giving them a try. Shop them here!

From top to bottom – Black – Indigo

(Photos from the Gymshark website)

Morphe Palettes

It’s quite a recent thing that Morphe now ship to the UK so, as you can imagine, we basically pooped our pants with excitement. Just to add to that excitement, they then announced their Black Friday sale and, obviously, we both went a little overboard.

The 35O2 was just a must for the both of us, as was the 15N Night Master. If you would like reviews or ‘tutorial-style’ looks using these palettes, let us know!

I also took it that little bit further and ordered the 39A too (I really couldn’t help myself!) and the first thing I can say I love about it is the bigger pans for the transition shades. It demonstrates total logic as these are the most used colours in a palette usually, thus requiring more product than the rest of the shadows.

I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut with my makeup recently, feeling like I’ve been doing the same look day-in day-out so it will be nice to mix it up a little with some new shadows.

As the Morphe palettes are already pretty affordable already, the sale made them irresistible and for all three palettes I paid somewhere in the region of £50. Shop the palettes here for UK customers and here for US customers.

Also on a side note, totally digging the new branding and design of Morphe.

From top to bottom – 35O2 – 15N – 39A

(Photos from the Morphe website)


ON Cloud Trainers

I was already a very proud owner of the Cloud X trainers from ON and have been DESPERATE for another pair. The reason being that I often train outside as well as going to the gym and therefore my trainers can become muddy. Additional to this, the pair I already had were a bright blue colour and therefore quite limiting with what I could wear with them colour-wise.

This is why for this pair I opted for a simple black and white colour scheme. Now I can now branch out and buy gym wear of all colours haha.

The way the Cloud trainers fit my feet is amazing and I don’t think I could ever go back to Asics or Adidas.

The RRP for these trainers is £115 and I paid just over £70 for them so they were basically giving them to me and I couldn’t say no!

Shop these shoes here.

(Photo from the On website)

So there we have it. These were just a few of the things we ordered during the Black Friday madness and we are now both broke and very pleased with our new purchases. We’d love to hear of any bargains you found!

Until next Wednesday, lots of love




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