Spring Haul

Spring Haul

Hi guys,

Today I am bringing you an ASOS/ River Island Haul. I have recently been really uninspired by spring trends and clothes. So, I hadn’t bought new clothes in a while and yes I had just done a declutter. Therefore, I thought that I deserved a few new pieces. I really struggle with spring because I want to wear lighter colours but its still not warm enough for summer clothes – I don’t know I just find it difficult.

River Island

Suede Skirt

My first piece is a suede skirt from River Island. Available here. I had seen this piece before but it was out of stock in my size so when I saw it back in stock I snapped it up. This fits unlike a lot of leather skirts it is actually quite comfortable. I rarely wear skirts but this is one I really like as I think the A line structure is super flattering and the suede is on trend but not too OTT.


Next and finally from River Island is these loafer mules. I have been looking for the perfect pair of mules and these fitted the bill. Or so I thought. I loved these so much when I saw them on the website. They popped up in the ‘you may like these section’. Dangerous that section. Anyway I bought these in both a dark navy and blush pink. Blush pink is everywhere this season but I couldn’t decide over my new love for blush pink or my forever love of navy/black. When I unwrapped these I was not disappointed they were actually just what I was looking for. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to send them back. Then I tried them on and they just were not comfortable they sat on a bone too tight. So I didn’t have to make that decision of colours they just both had to go back.


Shirt Dress

This had been in my saved basket for a while but just never really seemed to make it into my basket. Then it went on sale. So it made it to my basket. This is one of those that looks so much nicer in real life than online. A shirt dress is something that is so easy, throw them on and go. This one is thick and feels really nice. I like to wear this with knee high boots. You could also dress this down with converse or white sneakers.

Lace Sleeve Jumper

I just love this. I am always in V-neck jumpers but they are so wintery. This is now my spring version. Will I ever take it off? No probably not. The lace sleeves make it on trend but it still seems timeless to me. In a way that in 3 years I will still be able to wear it in spring and it still look good. I like this tucked into the River Island skirt with the mules, even though they don’t fit. I also think this will dress up a simple jean outfit.

Nike Sports  Top

Sports clothes, Activewear, gym kit; whatever you want to call it, it is my weakness. I have an obscene amount of leggings, vests and the like. But this was in the sale, could I say no – of course not. So here it is being added to my already too large collection. I do especially like this top because of the back. Does that justify the purchase? Probably not but this is a slight change from the usual.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I think this haul was quite a success as I only sent back the mules. Usually, I end up sending half of the stuff back which is better for my bank account, but seeing as I had just done a massive clear out, I thought that maybe a few new pieces were justified.


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  1. April 14, 2017 / 11:40 am

    That check dress and the RI shoes are gorgeous! Great picks xxx

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