Quick Bikini Dupe

Quick Bikini Dupe

Hi guys, just a quick one from me this week. Exams are nearly over but all my time at the moment is being consumed by revision. Yawn. But I have been ordering a couple of things in anticipation of the summer and holidays. Even though I am writing this and it is pouring with rain outside; think we may be getting the April showers in May. There was me thinking that we had avoided them. Nope, just when you think it is getting nicer England comes back to bite you in the bum!


You know that brand that is everywhere on Instagram. Everyone and their mother seem to be wearing these. They are so damn expensive. So expensive. As someone who is not afraid to throw money at something when they love it, I thought I would have a look and see how expensive they are. £150 just for the top then £110 for the bottoms. Is that a joke. Even I cannot justify that. I bought into the Triangl trend and wasn’t a fan of the fakes for that one. But these bikini’s are in a totally different league. So pretty though!

The Dupe

So, I set out to find a dupe. Honestly, I think I nailed it. The dupe is from River Island and the whole set cost £30. A much more acceptable price if you ask me. I love this bikini it is so comfy and super flattering. I like bottoms that are not massive because when you go in the water they can look at bit like a nappy. This one has a lovely shape and is a slightly higher cut without being too high cut. This is also something a bit different for me but honestly, I really love it.


Hope you enjoyed this short post and you can find some good dupes because there are some great ones out there.



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