Spring Clean: Makeup Declutter

Spring Clean: Makeup Declutter
Declutter your drawers to declutter your mind!

Following on from Hannah’s wardrobe declutter post last week, I thought I’d do one about my makeup declutter that I’ve done over the past few days. It’s been really refreshing actually and quite therapeutic.

The initial reasoning for my clear out was simple – I have too much makeup. Additionally, I am in the process of moving all my makeup back home to start my collection that I have at university again. I have bought myself some new storage and this meant I needed to limit down the makeup I had in it.

I was being quite brutal and if something was broken or I hadn’t used it since Christmas, it was gone. Things that didn’t look gross or were still in good condition I offered to my mum or anyone else that wanted it. Going through everything made me realise I had 3 Benefit Hoola bronzers on the go and about 50,000 concealers (over-exaggeration but you get what I mean!). I’m a real hoarder when it comes to absolutely everything and pairing this with my sentimental nature, I never throw anything away!

For about 3 or 4 years now I’ve had my makeup out on my vanity in various stacks of acrylic drawers but I’ve decided I don’t like it now and want everything away in drawers. Knowing me, I’ll probably change my mind again in a year or so haha!

A couple of years ago I bought the Alex stack of 9 drawers from Ikea in white and have them next to my dressing table. For ages, they were full of crap and really unorganised so I’ve bought some clear acrylic drawer organisers from Amazon; all of different sizes that now house different categories of makeup. I have some wider, rectangular ones for things like foundations, primers and face creams which mean that I have to lie the products down. This isn’t ideal but my drawers aren’t deep enough to have foundations standing. I then have some longer, narrower ones that have my powder products in; bronzers, blushers, face powders and highlighters. Ideally, I would like to have each type of product separate but it’s a working progress and we’ll get there slowly haha.

I then have eyeliners and mascaras in a shorter, narrow section and then concealers and eye primers in another. I also bought some little square ones to fit in the spaces and whilst I  haven’t found a use for the one I’ve got in my makeup drawer, they are the perfect size for hair bands and it’s super satisfying to keep them all in a space where they fit perfectly.

It always seems like I don’t have enough space but too much at the same time. It’s a difficult balance to try and make everything work but I think I’m getting there slowly. As I said, it’s a work progress haha.

If you have any tips for how you store your makeup and skincare, I’d love to hear them!

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