REVIEW: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

REVIEW: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation


It’s taken me bloody AGES to get my hands on this foundation which, of course, made me want to try it that little bit more.

I finally saw it come into stock on ASOS and ordered it before it could disappear again. Even when I ordered, the shade selection was so so limited that I just had to pick the closest match to my shade. I can confirm the shades I bought weren’t a great match but more on that later.

What this product claims to be:

  • Lightweight, non-oily finish
  • Smooth finish
  • Built in SPF 15
  • Available in 21 shades

Instructions for use:

  • Shake well
  • Place small amount on palm or back of hand
  • Smooth onto face and blend
  • Ideally apply to the centre of the face and blend outwards


There an enormous colour selection (when they’re in stock) with a massive variety of undertones. If I’m honest, this confused me slightly as they don’t seem to follow a logical format of warm, neutral and cool but instead they have a P, N, NS, YG, OP, OR, OY and R (if anyone can make sense of that, that would be greatly appreciated!)

The colours that I eventually picked up were 1.1N and 1.2Y which were both not that great because 1.2 was much more yellow than I expected and 1.1 was really fair. Having said that, after blending it all in with a beauty sponge, they both weren’t too horrific, 1.2 was just more golden than I am used to and 1.1 was slightly too light but after I bronzed, you probably couldn’t notice. With an application of fake tan on, I can see that the 1.2Y will be better but tanning isn’t something I do on a regular basis and so wanted something that would match my usual skin tone.

I decided to use the two colours together and this seemed to be fine, it’s difficult to tell when you’re doing your makeup in an uneven light but after inspecting it in natural and artificial light, they appeared to be an okay match.


After expecting a full coverage, I was disappointed because, if I’m totally honest, it wasn’t full coverage at all. The first time I applied it I had quite a few spots and red patches that it just didn’t cover.

I’ve tried applying with a beauty sponge, a brush, and my hands and I would say that the sponge did a slightly better job, however, I tend to apply the sponge application with most foundations so bear that in mind. It could be that because I used the sponge, the coverage wasn’t what I expected however after applying it with my fingers, I can confirm it really isn’t the high coverage that it claims to be.


It claimed to be a non-oily finish and after finishing my face, I can confirm that I do agree with this. I wouldn’t say it dried down at all as it definitely needed setting with powder but non-oily seems an adequate way to describe it.

However, my skin can never make up it’s mind and is really rather oily but has dry patches around my mouth and nose which it looked a bit crap on top of. It also settled around my nose and into the creases on my face quite a lot which I don’t really like.

Whilst is hasn’t gone horribly shiny, it also doesn’t look very smooth on the texture of my skin and I’m not a fan of this.

After wearing the foundation every day for about a week, I wanted to see if a good skin day would change my opinion and whilst it looked better without the drier patches, it still settled and didn’t sit too nicely on my nose.


I find that half way through the day, my nose gets a very oily slick on it and requires blotting. About 5 hours into wear, there was a slightly shine but nothing gross and I can say I’ve seen much worse.

It did break up around my nose and chin area so it isn’t a very long-wearing foundation in my opinion.


I suppose this reviews been a bit up and down but I guess I’m really just not that impressed. There was a massive amount of hype around this product so I expected it to be great. I can see from the perspective of someone with much darker skin than me that the shade range is great and something that drug-store/affordable brands don’t really offer so I can see the appeal there.

This foundation retails for £6 and so this must be why everyone’s going crazy for it and maybe for purely oily skin or normal skin, it might be fine but with dry patches and lines for it to sink into, this foundation really didn’t do it for me and I won’t be reaching for it every day.

Please bear in mind that I am no expert, I am just expressing my opinion and what doesn’t work for me, could potentially be your holy grail. If you’re interested to find out our holy grail foundations, click here!

Top: 1.2Y // Bottom: 1.1N

Thank you for reading, would love to hear what you thought of this product if you’ve tried it!

Lots of love,

Isabella Annie Jayne


Photographs belong to Jayne & Jane

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