Holy Grail: Eyeliners

Holy Grail: Eyeliners


Sorry, we’re late again but the rush of Easter bank holiday has blurred all the days into one this week haha. This week we’re sharing our holy grail eyeliners. Hope you enjoy.

BeautyPie –  Ultra Colour Water Gel Liner 

The texture of this liner is almost unique to anything else I know. It’s so much softer and has a much stronger pigment than most on the market. Because it’s a BeautyPie product it’s supposed to be a cheaper version of a more expensive product, however, I have never tried anything like this. I use it mostly on my waterline and it doesn’t budge. I have super watery eyes and most gel liners slip around and bunch up in my tear duct which ends up looking rank. This one stays put and stays really black all day long. It’s also nice to use on the top lash line, it glides on really smoothly and then smudges out well before it’s set. Would definitely recommend this.

Dior –  Art Pen Felt Tip Liner

This eyeliner is just a reliable black felt tip. You really cannot go wrong. You can easily draw a wing with it. The ink glides on smoothly no patches. If you are a beginner looking for something to make you eyeliner easy this is it. This lasts all day and more. I have once or twice rubbed my eyes with this on by accident and nothing moved. All in all a great essential.


Kat Von D –  Tattoo Liner 

This is very similar to the Dior liner above but is somehow just better. The Dior liner is like a reliable car that will get you from A to B. This is a convertible will still get you from A to B but is somehow just more exciting and looks better. It is a cult product that everyone has heard about and it lives up to expectations.I only have the mini that I bought in Sephora in a pack with a mini liquid lip. I would totally buy a full size one when this one runs out or dries up. This is more black than the Dior liner so I would say is less for the everyday. Unless that is you are into blackest black eyeliner everyday. Thats up to you. For when you want BLACK eyeliner that will not budge and is easier to apply – look no further.

So, that’s it. Thanks so much for reading again. Back to university again next week so hopefully the schedule will settle back down to normal. Thank you for your patience, enjoy your long weekend and we’ll see you again on Monday.


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