Holy Grail: Eyeshadow Palettes

Holy Grail: Eyeshadow Palettes

Hiya! Eyeshadow palettes this week – enjoy!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

This was worth every single penny. I love the formula of all the shades, how wearable they all are and how they blend. They’re so beautiful and silky. Also, they all seem to compliment each other really well which is nice. Some people have said they don’t really wear the pink shades but these are some of my favourites and this just proves that colours and stuff are totally down to personal opinion which is great. They wear all day and all have really good colour pay off. Another thing I like is that you get one of all the colours you’d need when starting out with makeup or beginning to build a collection. As a side note, it totally doesn’t make a difference to anything formula-wise but the smell of this palette is delicious and makes it a really enjoyable experience when applying the shadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette had some major living up to do. The hype was incredible. But like always ABH have lived up to expectations. This may not look like a very wearable palette with the bright pink shades but with the nude colours you can create a very natural look. What I love most about this palette is that you can create such a range of looks. 1. Orange toned brown look. 2. Taupe look. 3. Natural pinky brown look. 4. Statement pink look. This is just to name a few that I have personally tried however I am sure there are many more. These are so easy to work with as they blend beautifully. My only issue would be the velvet packaging gets dirty very quickly. People who I have seen keep this palette in makeup bags get foundation and powder stains very quickly.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

This palette is an essential. Enough said. But I will continue. All the shades are very wearable but easily buildable into a more smokey evening look. The colours are all very pigmented with the shimmers like Creme Brûlée being absolutely amazing. I was so impressed. They put some of the Urban Decay colours to shame. The only colour I find it hard to find a place of is Strawberry Bon Bon but that is only one shade. These shadows wear really well and are just a reliable essential if you need your shadow to stay put, no budging for a whole day. See my full review of the palette here.


Thank you for reading, we hope you’re enjoying this holy grail series and we will see you again next week with mascaras! Let us know what your Holy Grail items are in the comments.

*As always, all the opinions in this post are our own!*

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