Garnier Moisture Boost vs. Neutrogena Water Gel

Garnier Moisture Boost vs. Neutrogena Water Gel


So I’ve had this post in the works for a while now, but I’ve wanted to make sure I’d properly tested both products before sharing my opinion.

I’ve noticed a trend in the ‘water gel’ type of moisturisers in both the luxury and drugstore segments of the beauty market. I’m a fan of this kind of product because I’m not a fan of the more ‘greasy’ textured moisturisers. The reason for this is purely because I have quite an oily t-zone so it feels quite unnatural to apply more grease to that area of my face.

I’ve recently had my skin type analysed and whilst I have an oily t-zone, the rest of my skin is quite dehydrated so I’ve been working with some super hydrating products to try and rebalance everything out.

Hannah and I have spotted quite a few of this kind of product from lots of different brands on the market and I’ve selected these two from the drugstore to give you my opinion on how they worked for me. Here are my thoughts…

Garnier Moisture Bomb Water-Cream Moisturiser
50ml – £7.99

Scent: The smell of this product is almost enough to put me off. It’s very heavily fragranced and I think for super sensitive skin, could be irritating. The actual perfume of the product is just like any other Garnier skincare product I’ve ever tried so I think this is something consistent with the Garnier brand, it’s just a shame I’m not a fan.

Packaging: The overall look of the product’s packaging is quite cheap. The box it came in is eye-catching and well designed but that’s where it stops. The lid mechanism of the pot feels quite cheap and the quality of the plastic pot is quite basic. I know you get what you pay for but for an extra £5 or so, the Neutrogena one has packaging that could get away with being high end (but more on that later!)

Texture: Whilst it does follow the ‘gel’ texture that the name promises, it still has an element of face cream that I’m not sure on. Because of this, it leaves an oilier residue and doesn’t soak into the skin the way I would want it to; which left my skin feeling slightly greasy. For me, the idea of a ‘water-cream’ would suggest it would sink in and leave nothing on the skin, however, this doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Overall impression: When applying makeup on top of this, it was quite the unsuccessful experience. I was rather heavy handed on the product because my skin was feeling quite parched however applying my foundation on top resulted in all the moisturiser underneath bunching up and ‘balling’ off. Definitely not something I look for in a product. I like to be able to layer my moisturiser up to reach my desired level of hydration, however, this just didn’t work out.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
50ml – £12.99

Scent: Again, this product is quite fragrant however I would say it was nowhere near as offensive as the Garnier product. It’s very sweet, almost like bubblegum or something but this is something I really like about the product. The smell also disappears as you work it into the skin so I don’t think it would cause any irritation for someone with super sensitive skin.

Packaging: The lid mechanism on this product seems so be a lot more robust than the Garnier product and the plastic is of a much higher quality. I would say that if there was a luxury/high-end brand name on this packaging I wouldn’t be disappointed with the quality. The box was well designed and reflected well what was on the inside which is something I always like.

Texture: When applying to the skin, because of the gel-like formula, it is very cooling and soaks in quickly, leaving no sticky or greasy residue. When I think about how I’d like a gel-cream to perform, this is much closer to the mark. When I first bought these products, I applied them both to the back of each hand and compared how they soaked in and the feeling they left afterwards and this one impressed me much more than the Garnier one. I felt that my skin had, indeed, been hydrated after application of this product and when I dragged my fingers down my face to detect any residue or ‘balling’ off of the product, it had all soaked it and my skin felt quenched.

Overall impression: This product was my favourite out of the two. It was a much better base for makeup to sit on top of and the scent was much more pleasant. I also found this product layered well and allowed me to be a bit more heavy-handed in the areas of my face that I required a more intense hydration. I also think that using this product has helped to balance out my oily t-zone a bit more which is always a bonus!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you found this useful. I am planning on trying some more expensive options of ‘gel-creams’ in the near future so if you have any recommendations, please let me know! I’d be interested to know your favourites.




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